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Friday, January 8, 2010

Author, Author!

Just to be explicit, in case you didn't notice.

EricTheFarmer and I, bjb the chief dishwasher and walking satire on the concept of Earth Mother, are now sharing the blog. Just about all of the useful information dealing with food, harvests, and the actual running of the farm comes from ETF, along with most of the pictures.

Ruminations (apart from those directly connected to bovine digestion) on country living and anything trying to be cute are probably mine. Weather could go either way, as could comments on food/cooking/eating.

We hope you enjoy. We do.


Entertainment in our Neck of the Woods

Movie night on Little Marrowbone Road--certainly one of Nashville's more elite entertainments! Our host, Vanderbilt's long-time gadfly artprof, ran 16-mm films in his barn while we boozed it up and ate Mean Bread. (An author doesn't have to explain EVERYTHING, does she?)

How to Survive the A Bomb, dating etiquette (the girl should tactfully turn away slightly when her gentleman escort pays for anything--the exchange of money is so indelicate, you know), and instruction in Baton Twirling from Roger, Iowa's oh-so-animated best twirler--just a few of the reels unwound for our delectation.

Let's see. We also had Halloween chocolates wrapped in fanged foil paper, glow-stick bracelets, dips and chips, and, of course, a final exam. I didn't do so well on the exam, as you can see, but our host liked his portrait and e-mailed it back to me. But I didn't win the Polaroid camera.