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Thursday, March 5, 2009

spring, fences

Warming up--Lulu's water bowl is thawed and the last speckles of snow tucked under the hydrangea bush on the north side of the house are gone.

It takes a big fence to keep deer out of a big garden, and ours is only half-built. One of our neighbors says it takes an 8-foot fence to keep deer out, but a 12-foot fence to keep them in! So what's up is 8 feet, but there is more wire to stretch, so another neighborhood workfest is on for Saturday.

We're a little embarrassed--we ourselves are going to be out of town--but George and Steve will be fence-bosses, and Kay is doing another workers' lunch. So load up your hammers and come on out.

Our daughter is bringing the Beloit Ultimate team (that's competitive frisbee) to visit, but we're not sure exactly when they will pull in. Put 'em to work if you see 'em!

Don't know where we are? Go out Hwy 12 towards Ashland City, turn right at Jimmy Lewis' Country Store, and we're the second farm on the right. The one with the Giant Fence in the front pasture.

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