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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Planting Tomatoes

Yesterday: home to the warming sight of tomato plants being laid in. Kathleen, Jim, Sule', Copper, Tom--plus Tim, who lives in Oak Hill, and Katie, who's newish to Nashville from Michigan, and Katie's friend. I'm sure I missed a few!

Jeff Poppen is here, an elfin hippie dervish, laying down the law about straight rows and the dogs (out!) from his tractor seat throne.

Then down to the potato patch.

Wet weather still a drag on farm activity, but the rain held off until the plants were in.

Eight people for dinner (our lettuce, our herbs in the spaghetti sauce, and Eaton's Creek strawberries, and May wine that DiAnne concocts each spring), dry but the sighing rain filtering down around us in the pavilion that has been christened The Church of Outdoor Dining.

Jeff has brought with him Harvey Lyles, a gentle saint with 55 years of biodynamic gardening experience. More tomorrow. Well, today.

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