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Friday, January 8, 2010

Entertainment in our Neck of the Woods

Movie night on Little Marrowbone Road--certainly one of Nashville's more elite entertainments! Our host, Vanderbilt's long-time gadfly artprof, ran 16-mm films in his barn while we boozed it up and ate Mean Bread. (An author doesn't have to explain EVERYTHING, does she?)

How to Survive the A Bomb, dating etiquette (the girl should tactfully turn away slightly when her gentleman escort pays for anything--the exchange of money is so indelicate, you know), and instruction in Baton Twirling from Roger, Iowa's oh-so-animated best twirler--just a few of the reels unwound for our delectation.

Let's see. We also had Halloween chocolates wrapped in fanged foil paper, glow-stick bracelets, dips and chips, and, of course, a final exam. I didn't do so well on the exam, as you can see, but our host liked his portrait and e-mailed it back to me. But I didn't win the Polaroid camera.

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