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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coincedence? Poland?

A few weeks ago, we gathered in a circle, as is the way of our people, for a pre-potluck poem and blessing. I read a wonderful poem by Szymborska, and when I apologized for not knowing the correct pronunciation several hands pointed to a small stranger, saying "Gina's from Poland--she will know".

I later discovered that Gina is actually from Nashville, but currently lives in Poland, actually in Krakow, not too far from the aged poet's apartment. She told me how revered she is, and that she--Gina--sometimes hangs out at the coffee shop where Szymborska is known to frequent, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, though with no luck so far.

Coincidence? I think not.

As Barry said the other night, towards the end of a lovely evening dining out in with the LIttle Marrowbone Society in the Church of Outdoor Dining, as the fog slowly wrapped itself around the bamboo--"This just isn't normal"...meaning, I think, the neighborhood, our farmers and interns around the table, talk, dogs, pond.

I think it is simply further proof that the reins of the universe converge here in Bells Bend, maybe right at Sulphur Creek. Not sure who is in the driver's seat, but we're along for a helluva ride. And with blessings and poetry and one degree of separation--well, maybe two--from a Nobel prize winner in a small apartment in Krakow, how bad can it be?

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