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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Tom is justly famed for his potluck blessings. This last Tuesday he, by way of gratitude, informed the Lord that he was very very pleased with our new-to-us 20-foot neckover deckover 5-foot dovetail braked trailer.

A week ago I came home to find an excellent roll of homemade sausage on the countertop--Joe Wilkes had dropped it by.

JodyTheComputerGeekSpelunkerJuggler helped me figure out how to record a poem for The Cortland Review.

The greenhouse has a lovely midline green haze of thready little onion starts. The garden keeps giving us carrots, and EricTheFarmer dropped by some little cabbage sprouts.

Elaine brought over lunch today.

But the farm's biggest gifts lately are the Sandhus--father and son, they have poured concrete, dug holes, designed water systems, trucked hay. To say nothing of loaning us their grandmother and her excellent cooking and philosopher/farmer grandfather.

We give thanks every day, and the Sandhus are welcome to use our new-to-us 20-foot neckover deckover 5-foot dovetail braked trailer whenever they need to move something really really big. And Kabir can raid our refrigerator any time.

Thank you, whoever you are. We will all do our best to keep on giving.

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