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Saturday, May 25, 2013


For a while, seemed like all we were growing were flat tires--two on my van, one on the pickup, one on the tractor--but the farm is lush and beautiful with all the spring rain, and today looks like we're growing a wedding!

Nathalie and Ki have been a central part of the farm project, cooking, organizing potlucks, eating our produce, and Ki has been a big help putting up the hoop house.  And this afternoon, to the lilting
sound of Kathleen's harp, they were married in our pasture, a circle of mowed grass, shaded by an old oak.

Natalie was lovely, in a dress that looked like clouds and feathers, and Ki and Tom were decked out in dueling seersucker suits.  Friends, family, the farm band, rows of white chairs, Mary Oliver's poem about peonies. 

I'm thinking back thirty years to the start of all this--our own wedding on the front porch, with Jill and her All Boy Band for dancing after, and fireworks, and barbecue.  And last year, Katie, who was about three at our wedding, in a little white dress and a circlet of flowers in her hair, was married herself on the front porch. 

Dabbing at my eyes.  Darn allergy--must be the grass. 

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