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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bells Bend Neighborhood Farms

So, who are we?

We are a country neighborhood on the "west coast" of Davidson County, Tennessee, the edge of Nashville. Our area has rocky forested hills to the north and rolling bottomland to the south, Bells Bend, surrounded on three sides by the Cumberland River.

The Bend is only about four miles from Music Row but has remained pastureland because, without a bridge, it is largely inaccessible-- a 16 mile drive, the last 6 miles down a charming tiny two lane country road.

Over the last twenty years our 350 households have fought off a number of destructive proposals: a Kodak plant, a dump, a proposal for 2000 condos (kindly downsized to only 1200), and, most recently, a proposal for a gigantic development, the size of downtown Nashville, to host 40,000 workers a day, 5000 condos, and a small 18-story hotel.

Over the course of dozens of meetings we have come to know and appreciate each other, and are working together to bring back food production to the Nashville area. Three landowners are hosting working organic gardens whose produce will supply a new CSA--30 subscribers who will have a weekly basket of fresh organic food in return for supporting our farmers.

Jeff Poppen, quite well known in organic farm circles as The Barefoot Farmer, is our working consultant, helping us figure out when, what, and where to plant, as well as advising us on our compost collection (we have more than 100 tons sitting in the front pasture, waiting for the spreader), and plowing up the field.

We are now Sulphur Creek Farm, and our other gardens are Ellen's Melons and the Whooping Crane Garden.

Come visit us and see what community action can really be all about!

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