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Thursday, February 26, 2009

farmland preservation

Whooee! The compost is hitting the fan!

Our wanna-be developers are attempting to curry favor (read "buy off") with North Nashville by donating 250 acres of (undevelopable) floodplain to Tennessee State University's agricultural program--the "forty acres and a mule" proposal, only missing the mules. Terrific! Anything that promotes farming in the Bend is hokay with us. An organic ag program sounds extremely promising, maybe connecting with school kids and school food. However, now that we see the quid, we're wondering about the pro quo.

Also--Senator Henry has introduced some legislature at the state level that would help preserve this area for farming forever. Call Sumter, Tom, Kathleen, Joe, Sherry, Sharon, or Brenda for more info, and be sure to bring your neighbors to the community meeting on March 8 at the Community Center.

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