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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bermuda Grass

Another Saturday workday: Here's Kay, our volunteer cook, who, unfortunately for some of the rest of us, has raised our lunch standard impossibly high.

So, cutting bamboo at DiAnne's, planning for a bamboo workshop in a couple of weeks, fixing a tire on the trailer, getting our signs up (a shoutout to DiAnne and Martha--they--the signs, that is, and also, DiAnnne and Martha--look fabulous!), and, as always and forever, digging out Bermuda grass.

Ellen, Sandra, Louisa, myself, Eric--all spent time with a pitchfork turning over the plowed ground, sorting out the clumps of roots and runners. It's still a little wet and heavy, but we worked around the edges, so as not to compact the field too much. The earth is sweet and loamy, with fat earthworms in nearly every forkful--already a different thing than it was when first plowed a couple of months ago. Jeff's juju inoculations (more soberly known as biodynamic preparations) and a lot of compost are working their underground magic.

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