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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Jeff at our table dissing the disk: There's too much contact between the metal and the dirt--it just schmears, makes a smooth clay surface like a pot. I would never use a disk plow here--it's great for sandy soil, but not for this clay.
I now can't remember the names of the kinds of plows that he says ARE appropriate for our garden, but this one, which has deep curved tines, is fine. "You just want to break it up deeply enough, then just fluff it up."
A lot of the plowing and re-plowing of our patch was to turn up the bermuda grass and expose it to the weather, especially over the winter. Bermuda grass is going to be our Achille's heel, our Waterloo, our sword of Damocles, our natural disaster, our plague. We're going to have to pick out as much as possible by hand, and keep picking and weeding. Forever.

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