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Monday, April 20, 2009


EricTheFarmer--well, studying up to be--sends this message from Tomatoland, aka college greenhouse at Appalachian State:

These are our 150 tomato seedlings being raised in the greenhouse. In a few days these seedlings will be transplanted into larger pots to allow for extra root growth. In these first few weeks, the seedlings are carefully cared for. Every few days the tops of the leaves are brushed over lightly, which encourages the plant to grow a strong and sturdy stem and to produce higher yields once in the field. We are growing 8 hybrid and heirloom varieties this season, which include Golden Jubilee, Homestead, Celebrity, Cherokee Purple, Big Boy, and Juliet.

My poke at the city-in-the-pasture proposal down the road: Tomatown, no Maytown. OK, so it's not very euphonious. Topical counts for something, doesn't it?

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