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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Bells Bend Neighborhood Farms' first CSA delivery is scheduled for this Tuesday! We have pickup points in Sylvan Park and at our place, Sulphur Creek Farm.

I don't have the full list of items, but the lettuce has been fabulously tender. EricTheFarmer is also tied into what seems to be an organic potlatch: farmers adding excess produce to the delivery baskets of other area growers. We couldn't get early spring crops in, since our brand-new garden wasn't ready, so we are mostly on the receiving end.

Jeff's philosophy is that we shouldn't keep track much, when it comes to food. People who are here, people who work here, our neighbors, our CSA members, and pretty much anyone else should just eat. And so they do--we usually have between 2 and 10 extras at our table every night, generally producing gales of laughter rolling into the night from the Church of Outdoor Dining.

Last night: turnips and apples (this is actually really good--tastes like it ought to be dessert), beet tops (we roasted the beets for today), sauteed spring peas, and tag ends of chow-chow.

Last time I looked our CSA still could accomodate a few more members. Alan is our distribution manager--you can reach him at Or bring your checkbook by for supper.

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