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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lulu: Farm Dog

Lulu: our sweetheart of a teacup mastiff ( even though she can eat off the table without standing on her tiptoes, she's small for breed)--now garden Persona Grata (or would that be Canina Grata?), since her capture and kill of a marauding groundhog.


  1. Congratulations on tonight's victory with the Planning Commission!! I just discovered your blog via, and it is giving me such delight to read what you all are up to out there. Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful morning of celebration!

    Ann in congested old Green Hills

  2. We met some of you guys at Jeff's last weekend. You're right, it's hard to describe Jeff. You did him justice though. You guys are doing a great work over there. Heartfelt congratulations on the council's decision to keep the bend rural.

    Anne N.