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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shameful Lapse

Have we been away? Only in a metaphorical sense--away in the echoing halls of political machination. This whole Maytown proposal--remember the giant city-in-a-pasture?--has become an obsession, entertainment, gossip, and source for endless self-righteous indignation and activism.

But we won! Not that it won't be back in perverse permutations again and again. I am going to post my victory column separately.

Meanwhile, sadly unchronicled, Sulphur Creek Farm has prospered mightily. EricTheFarmer has been organizing our volunteers-- Dan and Evan from Chicago, the two Lauras from the Reston area, and Buddy, our Knoxvillian, plus locals Ian, Amelia, Sabina, Sule', and some I've left out--through weeding, harvesting, and CSA pickups.

Tomato cages are filling up with spiky leaves--maybe tomatoes (of the "fried green" variety) available as soon as next week.

Another bamboo harvest plus Buddy's nice eye for a straight row, and we have the geometries of bean trellis marching all the way down to George's corn patch. (Which doesn't look so good this year. More compost.)

Speaking of which, the third compost pile from the left in the right-hand pasture sported three speckled brown killdeer eggs in what is euphemistically called a nest. I've seen the mother bird many times in this spot, so have reason to hope that the triplets are scuttling around the pasture in good health.

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