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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food for the World

Well, maybe not the entire world, but we are certainly providing veggies to a lot of Nashvillians!

This article in today's Tennessean is about EricTheFarmer and the Bells Bend cooperative's donations--1500 pounds of squash and cucumbers to Second Harvest last week, plus a weekly give-away at a Jefferson Street church, and donations to a number of other organizations.


  1. It was great to have you guys at the East Nashville market this week. We took home a enough of everything to eat for a week. Long purple beans, Roma tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, beets... I am tickled about the article. It seemed just right. Hope it brings you many new friends, supporters and blog followers! See some of you at Jeff's this weekend.

  2. Sulphur Creek Farm has turned our sleepy little self-oriented community into a thriving, exciting, exhillerating (sp?)place to live and equally as important, to eat. I hope god doesn't smite me or the Mays and Tony G. heap more trouble on our heads for saying this, but, the silver lining to the threatening and deadly thundercloud of May Town Center has been the neighborhood sense of unity and inspiration that helped create Bells Bend Neighborhood Farms. If anything bad happens in the next week, I will retract this statement......